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Conscious Leadership Myths About Leadership & Project Management Professionals

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Host of Conscious Leadership Online Summit and Founder of KSP Partnership

Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski

Project success – project insanity – project stress – any experienced project manager knows that within every successful project is the possibility of insane amounts of strain and stress.  Kimi Ziemski spent years customizing and implementing client telecom systems.  In that process, collecting recognition along the way for her customer retention and revenue protection, she gathered the foundational concepts of the key success parameters.

As various approaches came and went in the world of project management, Kimi began to see a pattern in those teams that were able to deliver project success with less insanity and more productivity.  It had less to do with what methodology was being utilized – and more to do with how teams worked together and approached their client’s needs.  Kimi’s technical knowledge was not the basis for her teams’ successes.  The environment she crafted, the team’s inherent culture, was the basis for their continued success. As her teams continued to exceed expectations and targets, Kimi began to more closely examine the value and impact of her leadership driven project management© practices.

Less insanity – higher productivity.

Partnering with a trusted colleague and partner, Michael B. Bender, Kimi has codified and then brought this leadership-centric style of project management to teams across the globe to improve delivery times and reduce quality failures.